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Observed: 10th November 2011 By: chrisbrittonchrisbritton’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

These are growing in a garden tub which has a small oak tree in it. The caps are between 2.5 & 3.5 cm in diameter and the stems are about 4 cm when uprooted and measured full length (about 3 cm protruding above surface). I can't find a convincing ID in my Collins Wild Guide : Mushroom & Toadstools, but the closest seems to be Common Veiled Fairy Cake (Hebeloma mesophaeum). Any ideas?


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Let's say the spores are

Let's say the spores are pink. The gills free (not attached to stem), there is no ring, nor is there a membraneous volva at the stem base. Going through the key to mushrooms with gills in Michael Jordan's Encyclopedia of fungi, that gets us to Pluteus, although it does say these usually grow on wood and I can't find any photos of them that look like yours. If the spores were tobacco brown, cap not scaly nor cracked but greasy (which looks about right) we get to Hebeloma. Photos on the web of H. cistophylum do look a bit like your photos but according to Roger Phillips book they like cistus shrubs near the Med and aren't found in Britain. So, in summary, after hours of trying to help ID this, I'm as perplexed as you are, but agree that these specimens might be Hebeloma.