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Roebuck,age required

Observed: 27th October 2011 By: notpopnotpop’s reputation in Mammalsnotpop’s reputation in Mammalsnotpop’s reputation in Mammals
roe deer

observed late October.Antlers are clean and appear to have shed velvet dangling.
Is this a Spring born buck or one from the previous Spring?
Body condition suggests the latter,as does the fact it is on its own

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Roe Deer

Here is a ueful link on Roe althought they live in small groups they can be solitary in winter , it is hard to estimate the age of the animal from that shot and distance


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Roe deer

The animal clearly has only a single spike with no prongs/tynes. This indicates it to be a yearling, it was born last year. The fact it still has antlers this late in the year also indicates it is a young animal and not an adult with damaged antlers. Roe, unlike the other deer, shed their antlers in summer and grow them back over winter ready for breeding in spring. It is much to large to have been born this year.

Graham Banwell

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