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Honey coloured fungus

Observed: 30th October 2011 By: colts footcolts foot’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

on the edge of recently coppiced square with sweet chestnut and birch, a tightly clustered mound of fungi
last photo - to show stalk - on its side


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We need to see the ring to be

We need to see the ring to be sure of the species.

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pic 4

You can just see the ring on picture four but not sure if it is clear enough for correct id


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It looks to be a big ring but

It looks to be a big ring but if it is yellow underneath it is mellea dark or black squamules underneath the ring A ostoya

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spine's on top

The Honey's I have seen tend to have spines on the top, this may just have been the age (young)

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The spines on top are more

The spines on top are more pronounced in A ostoyae