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Fungus on dead beech tree

Observed: 30th October 2011 By: Neal AndertalNeal Andertal’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Fungus on a beech tree©Stan Kujawa

Fungus growing on dead beech tree trunk
20 cm diameter, 2m above ground level


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Fungus vs slime mould

While Entiridium lycoperdon (a slime mould) does have a similar cauliflower-like appearance in its early phase, the image seems to have the vertical toothy filaments of a Hericium, but not as obviously as in H. erinaceus. Neither does it have the structure of H. cirrhatum, so I'm going with a neatly rounded H. coralloides. A close-up would help.


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Hericium coralloides does

Hericium coralloides does seem to have a range of different shapes at least going by photos on the web (some of which may well be wrongly labelled). Anyone come up with a website showing the range of shapes this fungus may take from properly named specimens?

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Mis-shapes, mistakes, misfits...

I can't find a site with a range of forms. The most authoritative-seeming example of a semi-rounded shape I can find is this one:

... and there are some nice close-ups here (3rd post down):

None of them are an ideal match. Does anyone have any other ideas?