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Purple Fungus

Observed: 29th August 2011 By: samwisemoss
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Bright purple fungus


No identification made yet.

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With just the one photo and

With just the one photo and no other details it is difficult to split between Laccaria amethystina and one of the purple Cortinarius.

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Sorry :(

Sorry - I took this picture a while back and only came across this site recently :( I shared it with my friends but no one could identify it. It was on its own and about 6 inches tall.

For future reference, what other details should I be aware of when next posting?

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Google images

Just googled your two suggestions and from memory I don't think it's the first one (Laccaria amethystina) but it could be a 'aged and nibbled' version of the second (purple Cortinarius)

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definitely worth going and

definitely worth going and looking at that place again next year as those purple cortinarius are very nice and some are quite rare.

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Great idea! I'll deffo do

Great idea! I'll deffo do that and hopefully will get a definitive answer as to what they are :)