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Silver Y in Autumn

This summer doesn't seem to have been a particularly good one for Silver Y moths (maybe I've just missed them or perhaps the indigenous population wasn't bolstered by the usual summer invasion from the continent?)

I have however noticed that this year we seem to have had a one or two individuals regularly attracted to the outside lights around our house in Colchester, Essex over the past few weeks (the latest one tonight). Although they are known to be on the wing until late Autumn, I don't recall seeing Silver-Y's in November before. This may perhaps tie in with the 7-spot Ladybird and other species that are being reported on I-spot as being unseasonably late or perhaps we just have a late local batch of Silver Y's? I wonder if anyone else has similar Silver Y sitings?



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Lack of Silver 'y' moths this year

You are right there is definitely a fall in numbers this year. We have only recorded two visiting our garden this year where other years have seen many hovering around the flowers. Fellow members of our local Natural History Society have also reported fewer this year.