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DSC01880 Mystery Noctuid

Observed: 4th September 2011 By: Cardiff Boy 2Cardiff Boy 2’s reputation in InvertebratesCardiff Boy 2’s reputation in InvertebratesCardiff Boy 2’s reputation in Invertebrates
DSC01880 Mystery Noctuid
DSC01876 Mystery Noctuid

A real mystery - found in my house at lunchtime on 4/9/11 and very active.
With wings closed I would say it is a sqaure spot rustic, one of my commoner moths. But as its wings fluttered it displayed a band on underwing, which second pic shows, if only very blurred. Like a Large yellow underwing pattern (though too small for most of that species, right size for SS Rustic). The back wing was a creamy colour rather than a definite yellow.
A local expert thought they must be photos of two different specimens but they are definitely the same moth. If I'd realised it was genuinely a mystery, rather than my inexperience in moth id, I wouldn't have released it to the garden....
We decided it was probably an aberrant individual but I thought I'd throw it out as a challenge on iSpot.

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Pesky hindwings

I still think it is Square-spot Rustic, but I'm open to other suggestions!

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Worth getting along to a museum (or friendly local lepidopterist) and checking some collections to see if this hindwing pattern can happen on any of the likely candidates.