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Baby jellyfish

Observed: 12th July 2011 By: kaz1611kaz1611’s reputation in Invertebrates
baby jellyfish??

Talcre Beach - tide just gone out

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I just googled more photos of

I just googled more photos of lots them on the beach, exactly like we saw. This confirms it for me. Wonderful, thank you.

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The NBN gateway link needed updating

You used to be able to get a list directly from NBN but now must go to https://data.nbn.org.uk/Taxa ,click on the groups box & scroll down to Comb jelly (ctenophora).You then get 15 entries, but only 3 are UK species (P p, Beroe cucumis & Bolinopsis infundibulum).For some reason there's a 4th with "zero records",Mnemiopsis leidyi which isn't found in the UK.These are all significantly different from the sea gooseberry. See http://www.ispotnature.org/species-dictionaries/uksi/Pleurobrachia%20pileus & Beroe cucumis http://eol.org/pages/509855/overview & Bolinopsis infundibulum http://eol.org/pages/393326/media