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Unknown beetle

Observed: 6th October 2011 By: laurellaurel’s reputation in Invertebrateslaurel’s reputation in Invertebrates

Found one in the house and a lot outside on the windows.

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Western Conifer Seedbug

Thanks for the identification Wildlife.

Could you tell me more about it please?
Also does it make a buzzing noise as I thought I heard something in the house?

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It's a true bug (Hemiptera) rather than a beetle (Coleoptera). There's some basic info and more images here

This page also has a link to a more detailed factsheet. Adults can fly and are known to enter houses, and yes they do buzz. They are harmless to humans (no sting, bite etc) but can emit a noxious smell, so if you handle one to put it outdoors, it's worth using a tissue or similar.


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Thanks for the info and link.

Thanks for the info and link.

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Western Conifer Buig

Hello Laurel

Well theres a story :-) the WCS Western Conifer Seedbug is a recent invasive thought to have spread accross Europe etc on Timber imports It is a large Bug of the family or Coreidae - Squashbugs (related to the Dock Bug the common Squashbug seen in Britain) It is quite large and therefore easy to identify and buzzes as you say they frequently will try to find shelter for winter and come indoors this time of year They have a distinctive swelling on the Tibia very long antennae and two diagonl white marks on the wing case they are quite colorful underneath when they fly (Yellow ) They are fairly harmless and are not deemed a pest in this country but can live on the conifer seed in N america and effect the cones of Pines etc . It is quite well established in the UK now and only last week an i-spot user found one in a pine drawer I'd bet attracted to it by the resin



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Very interesting, thanks for

Very interesting, thanks for posting that. We've got lots of fir trees in our garden so that could be why they appeared.