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Is this another Harlequin - plus what is this fly?

Observed: 4th November 2011 By: Lucy CorranderLucy Corrander’s reputation in InvertebratesLucy Corrander’s reputation in InvertebratesLucy Corrander’s reputation in Invertebrates

Ladybird. Wondering if the prominent white patches mean it is a Harlequin.
Blue Bottle sized fly - not sure it is a Blue Bottle though. Brown top to head where antenna stick out.

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The fly is a blowfly,

The fly is a blowfly, possibly Calliphora sp., but you can only reasonably put one ID one each observation so I am not going to add it above.



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Two Observations

Thanks Syrphus.

I wasn't sure what to do about the observations. The ladybird and fly were so close together I couldn't separate them sensibly for uploading. On the other hand, I thought it would be a bit odd to upload the same picture twice. If only one could ask creatures to pose a little more apart!


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I'd upload it twice and be clear in the text of each upload what you would like IDd under that picture.

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I would have used the image editor that came with my disk operating system in the past in your case it would be to produce a near to square image containing the legs of the fly and a second containing the fly and part of the face of the ladybird. The smaller images upload more quickly.