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DSC02379 probably Sow Thistle

Observed: 6th November 2011 By: Cardiff Boy 2Cardiff Boy 2’s reputation in PlantsCardiff Boy 2’s reputation in PlantsCardiff Boy 2’s reputation in Plants

On edge of track sometiems used by vehicles through grazing field, probably sow-thistle, hawksbeard or similar

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Prickly Sow Thistle

I agree with id, i thought this was most likely - somehow my id notes didn't get saved with obs, I had suggested sow-thistle. (I just reentered them).

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They are confusing plants as the stem color varies and also the spine density varies too. Put that within a few hundred yards of a location where Great Lettuce grows and be even more confused like i am.
I managed to squeeze three Prickly Sow Thistles into one image a couple of weeks ago that show this. It is still on the other observations.


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your comments

Fair warnings. I;'ll take book next time I walk that way and check other characteristics