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Green tree

Observed: 6th November 2011 By: Ringinglow

An elegant tree with many green leaves still in evidence despite the season.
Leaves larger than average and 'semi-waxy', possibly contributing to its hardiness?
In the gardens at Chatsworth house in Derbyshire, so could be exotic...

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Thanks a lot: Magnolia dawsoniana

Genus: Magnolia

Common Name: Magnolia 'Chyverton'

Latin Name: Magnolia dawsoniana 'Chyverton'

Variety: dawsoniana 'Chyverton'

Family Name: Magnoliaceae

Plant Description:
A medium sized deciduous tree, with large green, oval leaves. The flowers are large, saucer shaped, and bourne on naked stems before the leaves. They are deep pink to purple on the outside, and pale pink to white inside.

Latin Name Explanation:
After Pierre Magnol (1638-1715), a French Professor of Botany.

Preferred Aspect: Partial Shade (sun)

Height: 15m

Spread: 10m

Form: Deciduous

Hardiness: Fully Frost Hardy - withstand temperature down to -15C