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Help needed with bumblebee identification please

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Apologies for the poor photo (the only one I managed to take before the bumblebee flew off) but is it possible to make an identification, please? The bumblebee didn't appear to have any yellow bands and seemed to be all black in colour. I thought that maybe it could have been a Field Cuckoo Bumblebee or a Ruderal Bumblebee but I'm not sure...

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Thanks for your suggestion

Thanks for your suggestion but I'm very familiar with Hairy Footed Flower Bees and it definitely wasn't one of those!

Maybe the size is a bit deceptive in the photo - it was a fairly large bee and seemed to just want to feed on the runner bean flowers as shown in the pic.

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The flower

I was using the flower as a guide for this. We got a good crop of runner beans this year.
I have dug up the last time i commented on one of these while trying to ID it from memory after the one i spotted flew off fast.