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(Un)filtering unread content

If you've clicked on a group in the 'unread' tab to filter the posts, is it then possible to clear that and go back to seeing everything? (Other than logging out and in again, which does seem to work.)

If not, could there be?
If there is, could it be made clearer?

I've clicked on the bit to clear all the unread content by mistake once already, and am quite capable of doing it again :)





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Thanks for the suggestion

Thanks for the suggestion which is noted. Meanwhile logging out and in again seems like a workable fix, although I am surprised that it works.

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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Back button

If you click the back button on the browser it gets the old page back again in most cases. It works from an observation back to the thumbnails and saves waiting for it to load again.