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31-10-2011 - Newt 005

Observed: 31st October 2011 By: stevefraserukstevefraseruk’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptilesstevefraseruk’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles
31-10-2011 - Newt 005
31-10-2011 - Newt 012
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Not enough information

It could well be a smooth newt but from this picture I can't see enough information to exclude it being a palmate newt.

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Differences between newts

What are the main differences between a smooth and palmate newt?

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Not personally sufficiently

Not personally sufficiently knowledgeable to answer this but has a lot of useful ID advice

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Thanks for the link.

Thanks for the link.

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Smooth palmate differences

Sorry, I missed this and should have replied earlier.

The males are fairly easy to tell apart in breeding season as the smooth newt has a large wavy crest, which the palmate lacks. The palmate has webbed hind feed and a filament at the end of its tail. Out of the breeding season it's harder to tell as they lose all of the above characteristics. However, the smooth newt has a beige/yellowish spotted throat and palmate has a pink, slightly translucent and unspotted throat.

Females are a lot more difficult but you can use the throat characteristics, although some smooth newts do have very reduced spotting. A sure-fire way to tell them apart is using tubercles (small raised bumps) on the underside of the hind feet: in palmate newts they are white and in smooth newts they are brown, the same as the rest of the foot.

For juveniles (less than 5cm) palmate newts have an orange stripe starting from the head and continuing on to the tail, in smooth newts this usually short not extending much beyond the forelegs. Adult female palmate newts may occasionally retain this stripe, but its very rare for a smooth newt to have one.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for all the info, very

Thanks for all the info, very helpful.