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Observed: 6th November 2011 By: beckwah2000beckwah2000’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Discoloured gills a few hours later & cross section of stipe

Found very large ring of these in long grass in a field of sheep. Each about 20cm+ diameter. The brown one shown appeared to be a younger specimen, closer to 15cm. Very purple stipe,though white interior. Looks similar to Field Blewit in my guide book, though obviously much larger. No sap and no spore print seen on white paper.


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If you click on the "Get

If you click on the "Get Recommend" button when you put in the ID, the system will automatically add the Latin name and show the photos of similar observations ...

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I agree that this looks like

I agree that this looks like a giant Lepista saeva (Field Blewit) but can't find any reference to such a thing... hopefully one of the experts will comment.

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Think something a bit strange

Think something a bit strange has happened to this observation, will investigate. It is the field blewit, i tried agreeing with both and perhaps that has caused the system to go into shock as this text has now turned red. so i just went for agreement with the ID that also had latin name

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Thanks for letting me know that the the system is being funny about my observation, maybe I used too many pictures! I'll maybe try and reload it... Also very interested to know that it probably is a Field Blewit. I thought the purple stipe would help make for an easy ident, but the size completely threw me!..Also thanks Martincito for the advice on the 'Get Recommended' function. Bec

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Big ones

I have just had one for the pot that was about 17cm in Derbyshire.
You need to save and re-load the observation from scratch before you edit it otherwise the site gets a bit funny and puts up double entries and things. Then edit one bit at a time with a full re-load after each to be sure. Very easy to forget this.