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Unknown dragonfly

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Number of darters

Thank you both for the identifications.

How many types of Darters are found in Britain?

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In the book I have it shows

In the book I have it shows six native species and a further six vagrant/potential vagrant species.

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I would put the number of species lower than that (only including the Sympetrum species), of which seven species have been recorded in the UK

The four regularly breeding darters in the UK are:
Ruddy Darter Sympetrum sanguineum
Common Darter S. striolatum (including Highland Darter, previously S. nigrescens which is now considered to be the same species)
Black Darter S. danae
and now Red-veined Darter S. fonscolumbii (although these are only barely established in the UK and most colonies are short lived).

Yellow-winged Darter S. flaveolum is a regular migrant, which breeds occasionally when it arrives in numbers.

Two others have been confirmed as rare vagrants (Vagrant/Moustached Darter S. vulgatum,and Banded Darter S. pedemontanum).
Southern Darter S. meridionale was thought to have reached the UK but there are no recent records, and the few older records are thought to possibly be errors in identification.

In addition there are two other species which are often called Darters White-faced Darter/Small Whiteface Leucorrhinia dubia which breeds in northern Britain, and Scarlet Darter/Broad Scarlet Crocothemis erythraea, which has been recorded as a rare vagrant.

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Common Darter

I think this is Common Darter as suggested by creaturesnapper. Black Darter would have more black on the top and sides of the thorax, and I think I can just about see the yellowish stripes along the dark legs that suggest Common Darter as well (Black Darter has all-black legs).

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