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Snipe remains

Observed: 6th November 2011 By: browntrumpetbrowntrumpet’s reputation in Birdsbrowntrumpet’s reputation in Birdsbrowntrumpet’s reputation in Birds

A Peregrine Falcon prey item

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No, the head was too small for a Woodcock which was also taken by the same bird.
It is hard to judge size without anything to compare it too, but this was quite a small bird.

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I still think that the beak looks thick for a Snipe, but if you saw the size, then you should know! Sorry if I have misled the ID. Unfortunately, it will stay as Woodcock unless you can persuade David Jardine to go with your Snipe.


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Thanks, Ophrys.
This Peregrine has taken both Snipe and Woodcock(during snowy weather)before.
Both species have fallen from plucking post reasonably intact allowing for both easy ID and comparison.
Next time i will try to put something else in the photo for size comparison!