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Afflicted fly

Observed: 22nd September 2011 By: babu1
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Afflicted fly
Wing pattern

Very small fly. Dark abdomen. Long antennae.
Head covered with cluster of black lumps.

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Your fly is a Brown Lacewing, not a true Fly. I can't really see enough detail of the "lumps" to hazard a guess as to what they are.

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Lacewing affliction

Thanks Matt for ID. Unfortunately, I don't have clearer photo of the 'lumps.'

S Tomkins

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The lacewing has become trapped in the hairs on the leaf surface. If you blow up the picture you will see they are hooked. Some plants have hooked hairs as a defense against herbivorous insects, ironically in this case it has caught a lacewing. A common species of plant with minute hooked hairs on the leaves is the common or garden runner bean.