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Farinose cartilage lichen

Observed: 4th October 2011 By: igm54
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Ramalina farinacea 1
Ramalina farinacea 2

Quite lovely grey-green fruiticose shrub growing on the east side of a tree. I believe it was used to make a brown dye and used to make a kind of brandy! I believe the English name is 'Dotted Ramalina' but I am not entirely sure.


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The resolution of the photographs is too poor I am afraid. I think it is more likely to be Evernia prunastri, but I cannot be sure.

You write, "Oval or disc-shaped soralia with farinose soredia occur on margins of lobes", which would indeed indicate Ramaria farinacea, but is this your observation of the specimen?

Evernia prunastri has soralia along the lobe margins, but they are not discoid. I DON'T see discoid soralia in the photograph.


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Grid Ref.??

By the way, I clicked the locality link to see where in the Ardrossan area this was photographed.

The map comes up showing Huddersfield. Geography was never my strong point at school (hated the teacher), or maybe there has been some local government reorganisation I haven't heard about, but Huddersfield in Ayrshire ... ??

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Try KA22 7 for the location - North Ayrshire, there is obviously a problem with the map references. The picture was taken in the local park (Elm Park). The street beside the park is also called Elm Park so you should be able to find it on Google Maps.

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AlanS Did you not say in another of my observations that you lived relatively close to this area? If so - we may have had the same Geography teacher, I hated mine too!