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Egg in hedge oct 11 b

Observed: 25th October 2011 By: ve.emery
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
egg in hedge oct 11 b
egg in hedge oct 11

Very white half egg shell, approx. 3cm diameter, found at the base of a tall leylandii hedge, complete with no cracks, with membrane attached to all parts of the remaining shell and a jagged broken edge. (There was only some hedge debris inside) Surely it's too late in the season for hatching eggs, and I walk past the hedge nearly every day and hadn't seen it before. It was very conspicuous because of its brilliant whiteness. What bird is it from? Could it have been preserved in the hedge since spring in such an unbroken state and been blown down in recent very windy conditions?

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possibly a wood pigeons egg

Our local wood pigeons have just seen off their latest brood and were seen mating again a couple of days ago

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Thank you, it certainly seems

Thank you, it certainly seems possible (having just looked up wood pigeon's egg ID). We have plenty of wood pigeons around the area, I just didn't realise they can raise their young so late in the year.