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Observed: 4th November 2011 By: MatthewGirlingMatthewGirling’s reputation in MammalsMatthewGirling’s reputation in Mammals
Jaw bone with 3 teeth
Jaw bone
Spine Bone
Rib Bone?
Rib Bone? Side on.

I've been digging in the garden (town centre, victorian house) and found some bones. I'm not assuming they belong to the same animal but were found very close together. If you think they're different animals then lets ID the jaw bone as it is the most distinctive.
The rib(?) is 17cm long but broken at both ends. Internal diameter of the spinal bone is about 2cm.

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The teeth are the right size and shape for sheep. The other bones are the right size to be from the same animal but are far too decomposed to be sure they are sheep.

Graham Banwell

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