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Beginner needing some help to identify this please

Observed: 6th November 2011 By: Joe30Joe30’s reputation in Fungi and LichensJoe30’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

There was about 12 of these growing in the leaf litter at my local park. Not sure what sp. of Parasol fungus this is so hoping someone can help.


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How varied

How varied can this species be as I have seen Shaggy Parasol elsewhere and this looks nothing like the Shaggys I've seen before - mainly the cap.

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When you say you have seen

When you say you have seen them elsewhere do you mean on the net or in the flesh?
You are right that they are quite varies but there are other similar species and varieties which often don't get mentioned.

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I have attached a different pic of a Shaggy Parasol from a different location. The cap, stem and colour all seem different to my original posting.

So are they really this variable?

Many thanks.

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No. I think you have two

No. I think you have two species there. The second is Chlorophyllum olivieri. The first might even be Chlorophyllum brunneum (C rachodes var bohemica)


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Adding photos

Not wishing to complain but a don't think photo's of different fungi should be added one an identification had been made.It would have been better for you to put them on as a new observation with your concern's.


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I will remove the photo.