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Rosemary beetles?

Observed: 31st October 2011 By: MartincitoMartincito’s reputation in InvertebratesMartincito’s reputation in InvertebratesMartincito’s reputation in InvertebratesMartincito’s reputation in Invertebrates

Found these on the rosemary plant in the garden after dark.

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Rosemary beetle

It was interesting to see your report above.
We have had 1 beetle on lavender and another with 2 grubs on rosemary in our garden in Colchester.
In the id panel the grub and beetle on squared paper are our insects.
Like the Harlequin and Western Conifer Seed Bug this another immigrant coloniser, and appears to be spreading quite quickly.

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At least photographing and

At least photographing and studying them gives an upside to finding what most people regard as pests. Seems a lot of the incomers arrive via Kew - or maybe it is just that they are the first to notice them. We have a colony of small green spiders Nigma walckenaer on our Ivy that also came this route.

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Out of the 18 species of

Out of the 18 species of Chrysolina present in the u.k., only C. americana has this colouring.

jennifer powell