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Duck on River Aire,Saltaire, Yorkshire

Observed: 29th October 2011 By: zoothorn

In a group of mallards, but slightly smaller and living freely on River Aire at Saltaire in West Yorkshire. Vaguely like a perching duck species? Cannot find it in my books or in an internet search

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Certainly is a strange

Certainly is a strange looking thing. The facial markings made me think a little bit of a female Long-Tailed Duck, but I've never heard of a hybrid one. Nice looking thing though.

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Agreed ...

... on it being nice looking, I think it’s quite cute.


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mystery duck

Absolutely no idea. Do you have any other photos that show its shape better?

Bob Ford

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Do an internet search for "blue bibbed call duck" ("call ducks" are a small domestic Mallard breed, "bibbed" refers to the white bib, and the "blue" part is one of the colour forms).

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That's it. I've never come across one of these before.

Bob Ford

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Thanks for all the comments and the id. I've learnt something new there