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Ui plant Poole Park 1p

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Ui plant Poole Park 1p
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UI plants

John...why don't you try and put a name to some of your plant photos, yourself, so that we can agree with your IDs. That is the best way to remember the ID of plants, rather than just being told what they are. You also build up a reputation yourself on iSpot, that way. You can get some decent field guides, quite cheaply, in most bookshops.

Just a thought: The real fun and satisfaction comes in working them out for yourself! :)


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Ui plants

I am mainly a bird man, and have so many hobbies, there's not much brain space for new learning! Nevertheless, I have many field guides and MAY get around to trying when I've cleared my backlog of pics, before I heard about ISPOT. In the meantime, I love to know what I have seeen.


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UI Plants

I was thinking of making the same comment as Ophrys has made myself having i'd many of your plants
over the last few days. Surely you would learn a lot more and gain reputation if you tried to
id the specimens yourself. Can't believe you don't know what a sycamore or foxglove is,most of what you've put on can be identified using quite basic field guides as Ophrys has stated, even if you use only the common names!The real sense of satisfaction comes from having a go surely!

Dave T.

David J Trevan

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Ui plants

Please see my reply to Ophrys. My backlog are now all uploaded.


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Have a go John and enjoy lots of good folk on site will guide you- you are not so far of the mark with your plants the hardest bit is taking the picture Above all have Fun and Learn :-) Even the experts are learning !!!

Best Wishes