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Swift chicks about 3 weeks old

Observed: 8th July 2009 By: Jane FD
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Swift chick about 3 weeks
swift chicks about 3 weeks

The chicks are about 3 weeks old. I do a regular survey in our church tower. This year there are 6 nests with a total of 12 chicks.

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That's fantastic news!

They are such wonderful birds.
If you follow this link below there is some more information about them on ISpot and I have also posted a link to the RSPB who are carrying out a survey this year on Swift. You can download an observation form and email it to them. They want to know where they are nesting in the UK and where they have been spotted screeching.




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Thanks Rose I will follow up those links. My records also go to the BTO.

I wonder if anyone else does church tower recording of swifts.Our boxes were put up about 25 years ago and records have been kept since.

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Despite the bad news about their decline, I seem to have seen (and heard) more of them this year than usual. I'm pleased that the swift boxes are working.


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