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Mosaic pb 2

Observed: 30th October 2011 By: WilHeeneyWilHeeney’s reputation in Fungi and LichensWilHeeney’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
mosaic pb 2
mosaic pb 2 1

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Although the stated size of

Although the stated size of 1/2 " wide and 1" high seems at odds with the photo if it is that sort of size I would say it is not too big for S areolatum. I also find the scales of S citrinum are usually just that, scales, that look as though they can be scraped off rather than the slightly raised patches on this find.
Did you keep the find Wil?

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Sorry no

I didnt keep it im afraid, i have pretty much no knowledge of fungi so i thourght id leave it where it was, plus it was in sherwood forest and i thourght it would be better leaving it their.

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I have to admit that I overlooked the dimensions given by Wil, which would make this small for S. citrinum.

Even so, having looked at the surface ornamentation again, I remain convinced that this is an interlocking pattern of the citrinum type, rather than distinct, rounded scales, surrounded by ring-like zones and coming away to leave a reticulate pattern - a character emphasised for areolatum in the Kew monograph on these things.

Oh for a glance at the spores!