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Russula 2

Observed: 30th October 2011 By: WilHeeneyWilHeeney’s reputation in Fungi and LichensWilHeeney’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
russula 2
russula 2 1
russula 2 1 2

4in high, 3in wide. Growing out of the leaf litter.


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Well i never,

I was looking for one of these all day and i never knew i'd stumbled across one. How often do they lack the spots.

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The 'spots' are bits of the

The 'spots' are bits of the white membrane that covers the cap in early development. They can be rubbed or washed off easily.



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not sure

I don't know how often this happen's I personally have only seen it once myself,But as Syrphus says it is the ring(membrane) which rub's of on the cap and causes the spot's.