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Canary Spurge, La Palma, Canaries

Observed: 6th October 2011 By: David Trevan
Isle of Wight Natural History & Archaeological Soc
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Cactus like spurge that occurs on all the Canary Islands where it is endemic.Found in the basal layer communities.It is protected and declared an official natural plant symbol of the Canaries

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Encyclopedia of Life

The Encyclopedia of Life doesn't have any pictures of Canary Spurge yet (iSpot links to their pages). If you were willing to contribute yours, you can do it through their Flickr group - Encyclopedia of Life Images . It's a bit of a hassle if you don't have a Flickr account - you need to create a Yahoo email i.d. I think, but I joined Flickr for that reason and I don't regret it - my photos of an East African snake on EOL are greatly used. You also have to be willing to post your pictures with a Creative Commons license. Some people upload a small picture to Flickr and keep copywrite on their high resolution version.

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Encyclopaedia of Life

Thank you so much for your comment!I do an enormous amount of plant photography and often wonder whether my images could be useful. I'm not terribly IT confident but will certainly have a go at the Flickr site.

Also thanks for agreeing with my Euphorbia canariensis,there seems a general reluctance on iSPOT to agree on species that are not strictly native to the UK, personally I am interested in all plants, and think the occasional exotic adds interest to the site!

many thanks
Dave T.

David J Trevan

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Encyclopedia of Life

I'm glad you found the suggestion welcome, not interfering. The only other thing to watch with the EOL group, apart from choosing an acceptable copywrite format (you can edit this later if you get it wrong at first) is that you have to add a species tag to each photo in this format: taxonomy:binomial="SPECIES NAME". So for these photos, in the add tag box at the right of the screen, paste in

taxonomy:binomial="Euphorbia canariensis"

You have to include speech marks because the tag has a space in it. You can add as many other tags as you like and you can add tags at any time, not just when you first upload the photos.