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Id. Please Help!

Observed: 26th October 2011 By: snic320

Found this and other insects dead on the floor of the lodge (trapped because of the mosquito net), so I collected a few for photography purposes...
I could also watch very similar species inside the jungle in the night but not the very same one, treehoppers and leafhoppers are very abundant in the Amazonas...
Could you help me with a more specific ID and a sort explanation of those "bubble nodules"? (extra antenas?)
Thanx in advance!

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its not "one shot" its a

its not "one shot" its a stacked image, 128 pictures or so stacked with a software called Zerene Stacker, Im using microscope lens attached to bellows...
Any idea about the ID?
May be some help with the next capture of an ant too? :)

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Amazing photo!

This is brilliant! You can see insects in a new dimension! Now people can realise how fascinating insects really are.