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Birds arriving

Just a short note to say what is about at the moment Fieldfares came back about a week ago very large flock feeding on farmland approx 200.Have seen my first Siskin on the feeders today which seem's a bit early plus lots of Goldfinches and Brambling feeding on weed seed's.There is a lot of fungi about and still lots of wasp's,flies and the odd Red Admiral feeding on rotten fruit.
Would be nice to know what is about in other northern area's



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Plenty of Fieldfares and

Plenty of Fieldfares and redwing here in Cumbria. Whooper swans have started arriving in some numbers, barnacle geese have been here for a couple of weeks. A few short eared owls have appeared on the coast. Not seen any bramblings yet, but I hear there are a few about.