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Fluffy grass

Observed: 5th October 2011 By: DavidHowdon
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Is it possible to get this to species level from the pictures here?

David Howdon

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The multiple fruiting heads on the stem ...

... means that it's not Eriophorum vaginatum. That leaves three species, but Eriophorum angustifolium is the commonest by a wide margin.

It doesn't appear to have bristles on the spikelet stalk, and doesn't appear to have a distinctly 3-angled stem, both of which would make it Eriophorum angustifolium, but I'm not sure that those characters can be reliably evaluated from these photographs.

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I've added a couple more detailed pictures of the stalk in case that helps. But I suspect this one will have to remain at genus level.

David Howdon