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Arion lusitanicus juvenile

Observed: 20th October 2011 By: David Blackmore
Arion lusitanicus
Arion lusitanicus 1
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Don't think it is Limax

Don't think it is Limax maximus as this slug does not show any sign of a keel. Also the mantle has two bands which I think is not present in L. maximus.

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Wrong group - should be in 'Invertebrates'


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Still in the wrong group.

Still in the wrong group.

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Limacid even if keel doesn't show..

Both photos show the breathing-pore beautifully. It's toward the rear of the mantle, rather than in front of the mid-point, which rules out the Arion slugs. The right photo shows the fingerprint-like pattern of ridges on the mantle, which makes it Limacidae.