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Limax flavus juvenile

Observed: 20th October 2011 By: David Blackmore
Limax flavus Juv ?
Limax flavus Juv ? 1

Slug 8 cm long. Small keel at rear of body. Foot colour off white with a faint pinkish hue. body and foot mucous colourless.

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Irish Yellow

This slug is widespread in Ireland, and has been known from the Liverpool area for quite a while I think, presumably having been imported there from Ireland. It's now beginning to turn up more widely in England, probably as a result of horticultural trade. I've found it a couple of times in Buckinghamshire, see:

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Irish Yellow

Martin is right. The large pale blotches (rather than small speckles) on a variable but mostly khaki or orange-brown background, and the lack of a pale stripe along the keel (faint ridge down the middle of the back) all suggest Irish Yellow Slug L. maculatus rather than Yellow Slug L. flavus. It's quite widespread in Britain now, seeming to have replaced L.flavus in many places in the last 20 years, it's usually abundant where it occurs, and often found in gardens.