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Unidentified duck

Observed: 15th December 2008 By: es349es349’s reputation in Birds
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Rather handsome duck, green and purple iridescent plumage. This is the only duck like this on our local pond and has been there for over 2 years now. Is it an escapee? Can anyone help identify it please.

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Melanistic Feral mallard

Just a Mallard

Colin Jacobs.
Wild Flower Society member

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Cayuga Duck

This is a Mallard, and it is probably correct to describe it as a 'Melanistic Feral Mallard'.
Although it may not be a pure bred example it looks like a drake Cayuga Duck, which is a large domestic breed of Mallard with this colour plumage;
The Black East Indian is another breed of Mallards that is similar in colour but these are much smaller;

If you just call odd looking ducks like this 'domestic Mallards' you'll usually be right!

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Odd - looking mallards seem to be flavour of the month - this is, as you noted, a particularly handsome specimen!

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Thanks ...

Thanks everyone for this information, and to RoyW for the links - it is very interesting.