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Observed: 29th October 2011 By: gb5636
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Pine Family

Can anyone identify this tree for me I think it belongs to the pine family?

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Pretty certain NOT a pine. If it is a Larch I would expect to see old cones on the tree. If not I would guess that it is either a Swamp Cypress or a Dawn Redwood. These are both deciduous conifers. If the leaves are opposite - Dawn Redwood, if alternate (or variable) Swamp Cypress.


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Look at the trunk and bark

in the pic and I'd say this pretty much eliminates both Metasequoia and Taxodium.

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Mystery Tree

Thanks for the comments, I was going to take a photo nearer and get the bark, trunk and leaf structure, but my daughter spotted a grey heron on a branch of a tree about 20 yards to the left of the picture, so I knew the tree would not move but the bird would, so it got preference try and get better photos this weekend weather permitting, thanks again for you comments.