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Observed: 29th October 2011 By: spotted catspotted cat’s reputation in Mammals
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Presumably road-kill, at a guess several weeks old. The body was largely denuded and was surrounded by a kind of aura of hair. Its skin seemed to have been tanned by the weather, becoming leathery. It almost still seemed to have an intelligent look in its eye.

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How to clean bones

Is there an easy way to remove skin and flesh to get a clean skeleton?

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Cleaning bones

Dermestid beetles do a good job and can be purchased mail order. Alternatively, place in a large pan of water and simmer for 12 hours (or until all skin etc comes away from the bones). Either of these methods leave some staining on the bones which can be removed with some household bleach. Boiling tends to leave some 'material' in the skull cavity which will need to be removed with a piece of wire etc.

If it has been run over, there will obviously be a lot of broken bones, but as it is in one piece, they will all be there.. I would not advise burying it to let it rot, as you will loose small bones and staining will be more difficult to remove.

Badgers are listed in Appendix III of the Bern Convention. In the UK this means that they are protected. I would advise contacting the relevant statutory conservation body to ensure that possessing and processing a badger skeleton is legal. I have found (in the UK) that it is fine provided you can prove you found it and were not responsible for its death. Generally (again in the UK) skeletons of protected species cannot be sold, so if you do re-construct the skeleton it will be for your own collection or for donation to an educational facility.

Hope that helps. Have fun!

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Thanks a lot, Sam.

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Excellent book

There is a book called the Amateur naturalist by Gerald Durrell.It is great for showing you how to preserve all type of wildlife animals,insect's plants.It is an old book but I noticed on on wildlife rangers site and have a look on Amazon,it really is a great buy .I also know that you do have to report a find as Sam said just to show it was not killed on purpose.This one look's as if it is slightly mummified and would say natural causes.


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Amateur naturalist

Durrell's book was my bible as a kid.

Graham Banwell

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Thanks, Fenwickfield and

Thanks, Fenwickfield and Graham. Sometimes the old ones are the best! I have ordered the book, following your recommendations.