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Stemonitis fusca on Salix logs

Observed: 5th November 2011 By: miked
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Stemonitis fusca on Salix logs

Rather paler than other examples of this species I've seen, wonder if its just within natural variability or if its a different species.
Note there are several species of Stemonitis in UK but not found one that looks more like this specimen than S. fusca.
Note second photo is 1 week later than first photo


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Master of slimes!

I don't think we can be certain without a M'scope but hey this REALLY looks right!
Out of pure Devilment I have agreed! It has made no difference to the strength of the ID
This then? http://www.ispotnature.org/node/883165
Project Noah has a good searchable collection http://www.projectnoah.org/organisms?search=slime+moulds

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You are quite right about

You are quite right about needing microscope, the more you investigate the more species there are that look similar. So after microscope its DNA. But might also need someone to study the detailed biology of every individual species to see if they really are a species, goes for all organisms really. After just coming back from Crete and looking at certain Ophrys it is difficult to say if they are one species or 100 and these are easy big plants.