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Students! Tell us what you think

We are interested in what all users of iSpot think about the website, what is good, what could be improved and so on.

Students are a group that we have not heard much from up till now.

Open University Students have their own Module-based forums in which they can talk to each other and us, but we'd like to hear from students at other institutions as well.

Tell us where you are studying, how you use iSpot and anything else you wish to share.

NB: If you are an OU student, you can of course participate in this Forum if you wish, particularly if you want to comment on general matters that are not directly related to your module. Just be aware that this Forum is not monitored in the same way that your module Forums are, so use those for specific, module-related issues.



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Personally, im addicted!

Im studying a degree in Conservation and countryside management with Duchy college, Rosewarne.
This site was pointed out to us at the beginning of the year, but i dont think many of us looked at it until we were given a assignment in Biodiversity that required we register with ispot. We also have to put on 10 observations and comment on 10 observations of other peoples. So if ive added a random fact on an observation, that is why!
I love the site, ive learnt so much from both other people adding to my observations and me trying to identifying mine and other peoples observations.
I do wish you could upload more than one pic at a time as its quite slow.
It would also be great if there was an add on option to the identification for when species have an updated scientific name.
I also wish that rotating box held more as if i go a day without been able to log on, i might miss something intresting!

Other than that, i love it, everyone is really nice and helpful, thank you.

I think its a site ill be using for years!

jennifer powell

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Thanks, Jennifer. This is

Thanks, Jennifer. This is just the kind of thing we need to know.

Regarding the speed of image upload, we are about to upgrade this so hopefully you will see an improvement in the next week or so. There will be a news item posted when this happens, so look out for that.

Re the Carousel being limited to 5 strips, have you tried Observations> Thumnail Gallery instead? There is no limit on how far you can go back with that. Another thing to try is to filter the carousel by clicking on an icon. So, if you click on birds, you will get 5 strips of birds. Then do plants and you will get 5 of those and so on. In all you can see 5 X 8 strips that way, which will take you back much further in time than just looking at the unfiltered observations.

The other suggestion is noted, so thanks for that too.

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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Thanks for the observation,

Thanks for the observation, thumbnail thing, thats so much better, i keep meaning to click on those top tabs lol!

jennifer powell

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This is rather off topic but

This is rather off topic but what do you think of Rosewarne and surroundings? I worked there briefly when it was a research station and remember all the different kinds of hedges and wide range of crops we used to grow, have any of those survived? Used to walk out onto the coast and along west, plenty of wildlife to be seen.

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The estate the college is on

The estate the college is on is quite extensive. Theres alot of land attached. Some of it is in various stages of succession, providing a range of habitats, theres scrubland, wooded areas, large hedges, open areas, lakes its really a great place to learn. We are so lucky, weve got a great site plus so much near by.

We did a bioblitz there recently(it was on spotlight, i managed to keep dodging the camera)and recorded over 500 species, which was great considering we are all only a couple of months into the course.

I remember, recently we were all discussing crops on site as the canteen food isnt very 'local' friendly, our tutor said there use to be crops but they dont anymore because it took much effort/money to maintain. :(

jennifer powell