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Bracket fungus on oak

Observed: 29th October 2011 By: RamblingMan
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
Bracket-1 1
Bracket-1 1 2

Growing in clusters on a fallen/felled oak trunk/branch, both on the cut end and on the bark.


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    Likely ID
    Crepidotus sp
    Confidence: It's likely to be this, but I can't be certain.
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I'd be very surprised if this

I'd be very surprised if this was Crepidotus. It looks to have the wrong habit, not to mention colour.

Without a clear gill shot it's difficult, but Panellus stipticus might be a possibility.

Any more photos?

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A bit more info.

Sorry, no more photos, but the size was up to about an inch across per bracket. For colour, not sure how well it came out, but they were a pale yellowish-brown - sort of beige, and the gills were much the same colour and very fine.

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Panellus has a very clear

Panellus has a very clear demarcation line where the gills end, and the stipe starts, which helps ID.I can't tell from these shots if I'm right, but in future a clear gill shot will help.

Crepidotus mollis has a gelatinous, slimy cuticle, which you can pull off.