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Unidentified Seabird

Observed: 28th October 2011 By: phil.walton3phil.walton3’s reputation in Birds
Unidentified Seabird
Unidentified Seabird 1
Unidentified Seabird 1 2
Unidentified Seabird 1 2 3
Unidentified Seabird 1 2 3 4

Seen flying east, alone, over the sea at 16:40.
Added 30.10.2011 - Thanks for the suggestions of Azorean Yellow-legged and Herring. I am 99% positive that the light has not darkened the hood to such an extent that it is Herring. I have seen many adult and juvenile large gulls and the hood struck me immediately as too dark. I have uploaded more photos with higher resolution, which I hope show the contrast between the light body and dark hood.
Thanks again for the suggestions. All further help welcome.

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These images are quite low resolution - if you can upload higher resolution ones it might be easier to take a view on the ID.

David Howdon

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More Uploads of Unidentified Gull

Thanks David, I have uploaded four pictures that are a bit better resolution

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Interesting gull

I would think that the obvious hooded appearance would be consistant with an Azorean Yellow-legged Gull, but I'm not sure that other possibilities can be eliminated from these photos (which I agree look to be darker than they should because of lighting conditions).
American Herring Gulls also have a tendency to have very heavy head streaking in winter plumage, and there is also the possibility that it could be just a Herring Gull (the most likely possible large gull species given the location) with an unusually dark hood - perhaps even due to staining/oil.

Take a look at this example of a 'hooded' Common Gull:

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very like

the bird discussed here you could post you photos on birdforum where likely to be of interest.