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Bad year for fungi?

Been in the New Forest today and very few fungi which is almost unheard of in October. The numbers of observations in the different groups on iSpot (birds, mammals, etc) keeps increasing as we get more people on iSpot but for fungi its a long way down compared to this time last year, presumably due to the drought over large parts of England.
Some other parts of Britain seem to have had more than their share of rain and I hear that some people in Scotland have been eating Chanterelles constantly since middle of summer, actually one person I spoke to was sick of them by now.



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Not in the North

I am in Northumberland and I have not had any drought conditions,even though it was a dry spring.When I go out were I live I will see over 30 different types of Fungi,so it must be a north south divide.I went out 3 times last week and photographed 72 fungi in total.I wonder if this is going to be a regular problem as the south of England becomes dryer.I too have noticed less observations being posted but I don't know if you can put that down to the weather conditions or just what people's interest's are.


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Inconsistent, rather than bad?

We have had an odd time of searching this year. Our season started early, with many Ceps, in June. Lots of different fungi in July, then a poor mid August to mid September, masses again after that, but then almost nothing throughout all of October, in spite of plenty of recent rain (we are on Dartmoor). I should add that almost all of our finds have been on high land on Dartmoor, with very little in the lower areas. We are hoping some might come back before Winter!

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I'm not a fungi expert but on Hampstead Heath
this Oct there were alot of huge and magnificent fungi on trees and the ground.

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any chance of taking a few

any chance of taking a few photos of them so we can see what they are if there are any still around.