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Field Vole

Observed: 7th October 2011 By: Roger GilbertRoger Gilbert’s reputation in MammalsRoger Gilbert’s reputation in MammalsRoger Gilbert’s reputation in Mammals
Field Vole
Field Vole 1

Found under a corrugated sheet.

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Based on tail-length I'd say field vole, but the coat does have a bit of a reddish tinge so I could have fallen for the bitten-off tail scenario again!

Gill Sinclair
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Field vole

Sorry Gill I've obviously got you jittery about tails! If you blow it up you can clearly see the tail tapers off to a point, hence it is a natural size and this is a field vole. There is a lot of grey/brown fur on the back though the head does look gingery.

Graham Banwell

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