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Summer flowers in Autumn

This year Summer flowers are all over the place in Autumn.
Today i have seen Prickly Sow Thistle, Yarrow, Hog-weed, Self Heal, Great Lettuce (buds), Bramble, Campion (pink and white).
Any more to add to the list?
I have images 29th October.



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I have seen Gorse, Yarrow, Comfry and White Dead Nettle too on the same day.


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Spring flower in Autumn

Was shocked to see this week a rather stunted Hyacynth struggling to flower!

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I have spring drumstick primula in full bloom when they should be flowering in late March.I have seen this before when we have very mild autumn's and have not had any frosts yet.The forecast is to turn colder in a week or so.I think we should make the most of it as they will soon be gone.


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Honeysuckle, one harebell,

Honeysuckle, one harebell, plenty of yarrow, viper's bugloss, bloody cranesbill...

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Yet more

Greater Knapweed, Common Knapweed, Daisys (two kinds), Ribwort Plantain and Wild Carrot.


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More again

Fennel, Red Clover, and Yellow-Wort.
I have seen Hogweed on New Years Day about 10 years ago in Aldershot.


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Common Ragwort Nov 22.


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Thanks for this post Refugee!

I saw a Primrose, Herb Robert and Knapweed today.

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17th Nov

Purple Toadflax &
in Cardiff

Howardian Local Nature Reserve

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Late flowers

On a walk last week,(20th Nov.) observed many flowers. Hedge woundwort, lots of red campion, hedge mustard, common ramping fumitory, Fen violets, common ragwort to name but a few.

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In the garden

Until last week we had Bladder Senna and domesticated Sage still flowering now!


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I have Quince in flower with loads of buds on and Pulmanaria flowering now,so mine are spring flowering in November.