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DSC01995 Lady's Bedstraw on Middleton Down

Observed: 16th September 2011 By: Cardiff Boy 2Cardiff Boy 2’s reputation in PlantsCardiff Boy 2’s reputation in PlantsCardiff Boy 2’s reputation in Plants
DSC01995 Lady's Bedstraw on Middleton Down
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Not again!

Why is that people don't read the iSpot rules? If you want to agree, click "I agree", don't put the ID in again, especially with a degree of uncertainty which is insulting to those who have named it.


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@circuta's comment

I'm a new user to iSpot - only started a fee days ago as you can see - and struggling with many usability/learning issues. I’ve emailed some questions and suggestions to admin, not yet had a reply.

One would think that clicking 'I agree' would clearly indicate that the owner of the observation had accepted the id, but the design does not do that.

I'm not an expert on iSpot and obviously not intending to insult anybody.

Your aggressive comment literally made my heart thump, it felt like a slap in the face. Not a way to encourage learners (in this context). You could just point out the mistake in a friendly way, couldn't you?

I don't see why it is insulting anyway, as there seems no other way to make the id 'definite' as far as the owner of the record is concerned. If I've learned from someone's suggestion, and checked it out, what's wrong with that?

I would want to rename the observation/photo anyway to be correct if it was previously
As it happens, though new to iSpot, I'm a very experienced biodiversity recorder, belong to many conservation organisations and have submitted many thousands of records to various surveys (such as BTO bird atlas) etc. where I do know the species well.

I’m also a trustee of the local bird club, and I would delete your comment if it appeared on our web site as we try to encourage participation and friendly advice if necessary.

So I'm experienced enough to know that all specific interest groups attract some people who lack social skills or want to show their superiority, but a true beginer could be totally put off from using the site by your attitude.