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Dung Beetle Aphodius prodromus

Observed: 25th October 2011 By: dlp
Dung Beetle Aphodius prodromus

I caught this dung beetle in a moth trap. I have had it identified as Aphodius prodromus on a moth web site, but had a supplementary question which has not been answers (I guess there are very few beetle experts on a moth forum)...... I have looked up Aphodius prodromus on the web. Now the shape and features look spot on. However my little specimen is blacker than the photos I have seen on the web. How variable are colours on beetles? I know they can be very variable on moths, but have no experiences at all with beetles.

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Aphodius rufipes

Aphodius is a relatively easy genus to identify to species if you have a specimen in front of you, but are deceptively difficult to name from a photo. 12mm, though, makes it only this or much fatter A. fossor.

Richard Jones