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Lactarius sp fungus

Observed: 26th October 2011 By: Penny BunPenny Bun’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Lactarius sp fungus

I believe this fungus to be Lactarius vellereus - it was with other unaffected specimens in birch scrub. The gills were fused together with an an orange substance - possibly a mould. Wobering if anyone has seen anything like it before.


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Lactarius occasionally get

Lactarius occasionally get attacked by Hypomyces ochraceus and H lateritia. I think yours is the former. I have found it on L torminosus and L pubescens.
Have you any photos of unaffected specimens?

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This seems a likely ID. With hypomyces as a starting point, I've found references in Field Mycology and Kew records, even a specific one for L. vellereus. for uninfected, see
I think it could be any one of a number of hypomyces - I did not collect it, so unable to get it under microscope, so am happy with hypomyces sp!
Thank you!

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I agree with Hypomyces sp.

I agree with Hypomyces sp. There is a species, H. tulasneanus that is referred to as Russula mold - at least in Iowa :-) see and a page from Swansea that includes photos of a Lactarius attacked by it: