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Getting cheep cameras to work

With cheep cameras the focus rarely works without a bit of fiddling.
With a new £100 camera this one was a half hour challenge to stop it focusing on the fence panel and the user manual would have to be browsed if you are not prepared to wait for batteries to charge up again. I strongly advise that new owners have a good long fiddle with there cameras and work out how to get the most out of them at home so that they can make the most of the batteries and memory when they get out there to do the real thing.
It would help with quick ID if we all do it.



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I have a camera with autofocus that can't be turned off either. I have found the trick with this is to focus on something large enough to be read by the IR autofocus sensor at approximately the same distance that you want to tak your photo - I use the back of my hand.

My camera allows the depth to be locked by pressing the shutter button in "half way". So - lock the autofocus and then aim the camera at the subject, then release the lock. When it starts to refocus again it first hunts at the approximate distance it was locked at and will most times pick up on the object in question so you can take your photo.

If it misses then it will look deeper and you are back to having the leaf in the background in foucs. At least with a digital camera you can keep shooting untill you get a good pic - much cheaper than the old days of slides..

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Mine is even worse. It has an "Image sharpness" sensor that works in a square that shows in the viewfinder that also can't be switched off. I have to be a bit more accurate with the estimate when i focus on my foot or clothing or whatever. I have to coax it a bit but for the most part i can get a reasonable focus on most things in a couple of shots.

With something like a dragon fly i will try to sweep along the length of the body taking several shots at an angle so that at least one shot will show the parts of interest. One shadow on the eye and it will be off like a rocket though.


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Buy a Panasonic Lumix TZ or

Buy a Panasonic Lumix TZ or similer app. £100. Set to macro and centre spot for focus. Fast critters reduce pic size and use burst. Don't drive off with camera on car roof =(

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It will be time to buy a new camera if you drive off with it on the car roof.