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Rather odd looking fly. 2 appeared in kitchen last Sunday, today there are five. Body length 6mm, wingspan 9mm. Body hunched down at end and wings held at odd angle. Reluctant to fly and generally sluggish but can walk away quite quickly when a camera is pointed at them.
Rather beautiful wings when seen through a camera lens.

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Just found it online -

Just found it online - Mediterranean Fruit-fly - probably not the best species to have in my kitchen...

Can't find much reference to the species in the UK, is it an established species here?

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I don't think so

I got curious and had a look. They don't have an obvious way of hibernating so would stay in shoddy fruit stores and markets and would die out in the countryside during the winter.


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Ceratitis capitata

One of the most notorious fruit pests in the world. Luckily, we appear to be outside its survival range in the UK, but don't let them fly away out of the window, or you may have Camden allotment holders to answer to next year.

Richard Jones

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This would seem to be only

This would seem to be only the second record on the NBN distribution map. It would be good to get this record on as well...maybe you could send the details to Greenspace Information for Greater London www.gigl.org.uk who send their data on to the NBN.

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Dodgy import

It looks like some fruit with eggs in it has been on sale in Camden market and as soon as they hatched either the trader has given them to someone who has an allotment or put them on one side to be sent away as green waste. The eggs hatch quickly enough that a 2 weekly waste collection would do it.


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Thanks for the information. I

Thanks for the information. I did let one out after I had caught and examined it and before I knew what it was. There were 7 in the kitchen last night just before bed but I could only see 2 when I came in from work today. I will try to catch them. The only fruit we have in the kitchen at the moment are some apples and an avocado both of which came from a supermarket.

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The lava

We have got an image of the lava now.
I had to look on the web with the scientific name to do an ID on it.


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this is a male, it has two prominent dark spatulate setae on the frons

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it is excluded from the British list as it's an imported species. It's quite frequent and usually gets here in fruits such as organic mangoes

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